"I wanted to share with you an encounter I had with Ms. Lisa Regan. I met Lisa her at a residential facility where she was working. I was in need of a facility that could care for my father's needs since he has dementia. Being a full time care giver who lives with my dad is difficult, challenging, and often overwhelming. However, I love my dad dearly and I would do anything for him. I needed to feel comfortable that the place I chose would give him the best care possible. I needed to trust that my dad would be ok.

Lisa sat down with me for over an hour. She listened to me, she heard me, she understood me. I cannot say enough about what this meant to me. When you're a caregiver who is daily immersed in the life of a loved with one an illness you often feel alone. You don't want to share everything that is involved and you sometimes feel as though no one can understand. Lisa was and is that person! She allowed me time to cry, to share, to release those emotions and feelings that we keep tucked away. She discussed how her parent was in the same situation as my dad and I could tell by her words how authentic it was.

Lisa has that rare gift to empathize and connect with you. In my opinion it's not because of the field she is in, or the amount of experience she has, it's because that's who she is! You can share with her your story, situation, and experiences openly and freely because you can trust her. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet her that day. Not because of the place where she worked but because I know that I will always have someone to call and talk to. Her genuine authenticity and care for others is a gift."

"Being at a disadvantage living miles away from my mother, I could not be present daily to monitor her needs. I had to trust the Wellness Director to manage mom's care. From the moment I met Diane I knew I had moved my mom to the right community.

Diane and her team of caregivers provided mom with the compassion and dignity that she deserved. I could always rely on Diane for an immediate response to any of my concerns. Her ability to calm me in trouble times was priceless to me. Not only did she become mom's advocate, she became a good friend.

Diane made my mom's journey until the end of her life the best possible experience that it could have been. I am thankful for her guidance, knowledge and caring heart. Diane is a true advocate for Seniors."